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11 April 2018


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★★★★ Review | Record Collector Magazine


'Close-miked and immaculately recorded, each of the album’s 14 instrumental piano pieces glow, delicately, with intimacy and immediacy. A rewarding bonus is that the mood of consoling, redemptive melancholia stays with you long after the event, magically imbuing every thought, person and object with a hitherto unremarked significance. The twirling four-note patterns of Melusine suggest windborne dandelion seeds, the fathomless pauses in The Bridge contain as much emotional substance as the notes; and in the formal prettiness of Hear Me Yourself and Night Raven, the subtlest intimation of disquiet shades the very back of the picture.'




Holywell Music Rooms | Oxford



20 April 2018


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Notes From Another Sea



28 February 2018






PRS M Magazine Feature



6 April 2017




PRS & World Piano Day Interview



29 March 2017