Oly Ralfe is a composer and artist based in London.


He has completed his first album of piano instrumentals due out in 2017. The album also features cellist Barney Morse-Brown of Duotone.


Oly scored the soundtrack to Bunny and The Bull in 2010 and recently worked as a music consultant on the film Suffragette. His music has also featured widely on television.


Another of Oly's projects is Ralfe Band; working closely with Andrew Mitchell and other collaborators, Oly released his first album Swords in 2006 and since has released further studio albums Attic Thieves (2008), Son Be Wise (2013) and the soundtrack album to Bunny and The Bull (2010). They have toured extensively throughout Europe and USA, and once went to Belgrade by mistake.


Oly works accross different art forms and is the award winning filmmaker of Ballad of AJ Weberman and Journey of The Childmen and in 2016 illustrated the novel A Field Guide To Reality by Joanna Kavenna.